About Me

My name is Janice Campbell. I am a wife, a mom, an employee, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an aunt. A Christian.

I am married to my wonderful husband Nick. This is not the first marriage for either of us and we both brought kids with us into the marriage: Alison, Katrina and Cameron. We have a dog, Abby, and a cat, Princess. The animals live with us but the kids do not.

My full-time gig right now is a Human Resources Coordinator. I am working on my next career in the meantime.

I am a woman who loves to serves God and those around me. As I am in between churches right now, I decided to create this blog to help me share my thoughts on God and how He works in my life.

I also attend Celebrate Recovery. it is an awesome Christ-centered recovery program. I started attending CR for control issues (which are now under control), depression and food addiction. I have completed the 12-step program but it is still a process toward healing every day.

Why did I start this blog? Recently, I have been thinking about writing devotions. For example, the lesson from Abby came to be about 2 months ago, if not longer. I had other ideas at that point as well. Then I was recently at a retreat where I participated in a writing workshop. During this workshop, our awesome instructor had us write a devotion. I took that as an affirmation to start writing them. So my blogs are partly my own random thoughts as well as part devotions.

I am writing mostly for myself but if others can benefit from them, then I am glad to share them. I am not a professional writer. I will make grammar mistakes. They will not be edited 10 times before I post. They come straight from the heart, which is where all of my writing comes from.