In loving memory of Abby

Abby, of Owen Sound, born in Brant County, passed away peacefully at North Heritage Animal Hospital on January 10, 2020 at the age of 66 (10 chronological years) after a brief illness, likely cancer. She was surrounded by love as she ran through the gates of heaven.

Abby will be greatly missed by her people: Janice, Nick, Alison, Katrina (Orrin), Cameron (Jonniemay). She is predeceased by her feline sister, Princess.

She lived a happy life where she enjoyed treats, especially cheese, peanut butter and ice cream, long walks on the Bruce Trail and taking long naps wherever she could get comfortable. She hogged the bed, drooled everywhere and her long hair followed you wherever you went (and will for a long time). Her nicknames included Poopster, Poopyhead, Big Mouth, Meat Head, or her full name, Abagail.

Abby is the one who first inspired the idea of a blog. No matter what, she would get wrapped around that single tree.

I truly believe there is a special place in heaven for our pets. In addition to our loved ones, our pets who have passed on will be waiting for us. In the meantime, they are playing freely, with endless treats and toys and can dig holes without getting in trouble.

Just a few months ago, we lost our cat, Princess, as well. She suffered with complications of kidney disease. I remember how she snuggled in my arms against my chest before we said goodbye. She had the loudest purr and would purr all the time.

Princess had a tendency to snuggle up wot Abby’s butt – not sure why…

Princess and Abby would often snuggle together. Sometimes the snuggling would start sweet and cute, then they would lick one another and clean one another. It would often end with me telling Abby to let go of Princess’ head.

I picture the two of them playing, along with my old dog, Belle. They are all happy and healthy now. That will get me through until I see them again, and they will all come running toward me as I walk through the gates of heaven.